10 Important Facts That You Should Know About Candida Yeast Infections

candida yeast infectionOur body is one miraculous thing, and it often amazes people that one living body is a home to many other living organisms, but many times, these living organisms cause a lot of harm to our body and irritation to a level that is just unbearable. Candida Albicans is one such organism that occurs the most and irritates the highest and is commonly known as yeast infection.

There are many factors that are responsible for causing a yeast infection, and the least expected is the stress factors. Yes, a study made lately has shown that high level of stress can cause a yeast infection because when you are under stress, the body releases a large amount of hormone known as Cortisol.

So, if you really haven’t realized that which factor is causing the yeast infection and all of your body parts seem fine, then be assured, it is stress that is causing the infection. Here we are taking the initiative and making all of you aware of the 10 important facts that you should know about Candida Yeast Infections.

1. Stress Boost the Yeast Infection

When you stay in stress, your body suffers the severe effects than the brain does. The body begins to discharge hormones that affect your health and wellbeing. So, if the time period of you staying under stress is extending, the effects will go worse. The main hormones that are mainly discharged when you stay in stress are adrenaline, cortisol, norepinephrine, and estrogen.

2. Yeast Infection can Occur Orally Too

Merely after reading the statement, you must be feeling to puke, but it is a bad reality. The oral yeast infection is common in the newborn babies and passes fast. But, the recent study made on this has stated that this type of yeast infection can occur in adults too like every 1 of the four adults. For this, poor oral hygiene is responsible, and researchers have further found that the existence of tartar, amalgam filling, and plaque is related closely to produce yeast infection.

One suffering from this can get rid of the problem by using proper oral hygiene and taking a great care of it.

3. Vaginal Infection is Complex

What are we always advised to do to live a proper and healthy life? It is to take great care of ourselves and practicing proper hygiene, and most of us fail to do it. Normal showering gives way to the higher chances of yeast infection. Other than this, wearing tight synthetic or nylon underwear can cause the yeast infection. Anti-fungal medicines can also give rise to the infection. So, one must be very cautious regarding their personal hygiene.

4. Consumption of Asthma Inhaler is Likely to Invite Candida

A recent Brazilian study has stated that the adults that are asthma patients and use an inhaler for more than 6 months, it can create the maximum chance to invite oral yeast infection as one of the side effects. If anyone is using an inhaler or other appliance in similar should make themselves aware of the possibilities of being exposed to the Candida.

infected with candida albicans5. Candida also Occurs Naturally

Candida, microbiota, can occur naturally in the humans’ skin and gastrointestinal tract. The ones having and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and stronger immune system as well as symbiotic bacteria, they have fewer chances to exposed to the fungal infection as the stronger immunity system keeps a regular check on the fungal species. Those compromising the health of the immune system are more likely to get infected with the candida.

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6. Candida and Diabetes has a Close Relation

This may be known to many that individual suffering from diabetes are likely to get inclined to the yeast infection with the genitals ones and that is in both men and women.


Diabetes encourages the high level of glucose and that further boosts the growth of yeast. Another fact that diabetes deters the immune system from better working, the risk of getting infected with yeast infection gets higher. Women are likely to suffer from the infection

7. Candida Yeast Infection is often Associated with HIV

Many types of research shave shown that 90% of HIV+ patients suffer mostly from the oral yeast infection. These patients do not get to experience a genital yeast infection.

8. Candida and Carbohydrates

It is obvious that many of us have candida present in our human digestive tract, but the matter of fact that is important is the amount that it is present in there. Many studies have stated that an individual who consumed a diet rich in carbohydrate are more likely to get infected with the infection to the ones who consume a diet rich in proteins, amino acids, and fatty acids. Candida is in complete love with the carbohydrate and is present everywhere where the level of carbohydrate is higher.

9. Candida is More Likely to Increase the Risk of MS

This one is a complete unknown fact for many. Candida many times has been related with the high level of MS (Multiple Sclerosis). One case-control has calculated the close association of candida and MS. The same study has shown that patients suffering MS have showed increased level general serum of Candida than the ones to the control group.

10. Potential Remedy for the Growth of Warts

By reading all the bad stuff related to the candida infection, you must have been thinking that there is nothing that is good about the infection, but to your surprise, there is one. One study has stated one benefit of utilizing C. Albicans antigens solutions for the determined growth of warts.

So, these are the 10 unknown facts about the yeast infection that you must know if you are a constant sufferer and even when you have suffered from it the least. Once you acknowledge the facts, you are likely to prevent the disease very effectively. Finding the cause and prevention is all you needed to know, and we just helped you with this. The most common yeast infection and its precautions are all you need.


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