Yeast infections are very common in women and about 75% of women experiences yeast infection at least once in their lifetime. Yeast infection can also take place in men and in parts other than one’s vagina like in mouth but vaginal yeast infection is the most common one. Yeast infections often scare women and they are distressed due to the constant itching and discomfort. As yeast infection can also be transferred during sexual intercourses it is advised to stay away from sexual contact when having a yeast infection. As women have tonnes of the question when it comes to yeast infection, we have tried to answer a few of the yeast infection frequently asked questions.
Common questions on yeast infections:

How do you know you have a yeast infection?
Yeast infections often have distinct symptoms which can help the patient identify it. The symptoms may include itchiness in the vaginal area, a vaginal discharge which is thick and clumpy and is white in colour and is often odourless. There may be a persistent burning sensation in front of the vaginal opening and pain may be felt during intercourse or during urination. If these symptoms are there then its most likely that the patient has a yeast infection and they should immediately see a gynaecologist.

Are yeast infections genetic?
As derived by new study yeast infection can be genetic in a certain population but everyone doesn’t get it due to their genes. Most get the imbalance of Candida albicans in their vagina but those who have it genetically will be more prone to it being severe or chronic in nature.

Is Candida a fungus?
Candida albicans is, in fact, a yeast fungus which cause yeast infection to women all over the world. They are found in everyone’s vagina at a healthy rate of 20-50 % but when some imbalance occurs it grown in number and causes the infection.

Is a yeast infection contagious?
Yes, yeast infection can be transferred to a male partner if the person gets sexually active during the period. If the partner starts getting symptoms they should immediately see a doctor.

Is a yeast infection worse at night?
Yes, it is because women will lie still and the vagina can get moist due to vaginal discharge which causes moistness in the area. Yeasts love to grow in moist places and so it causes discomfort in women. So, it is advised to apply a topical cream and wear loose clothes during the night.

Can yeast infections make you tired?
Yes, candida infections often cause the patients to get fatigued. It can be helped by eating probiotic rich food like yogurt and also by foods like garlic.

Is a yeast infection early signs of pregnancy?
No, though you have an increased rate of having yeast infection during pregnancy, it is most likely to happen in the second trimester. So, if you feel pregnant a pregnancy test will be the best option to find out the truth.

Is a yeast infection harmful when pregnant?
No, it isn’t harmful to the baby but the pregnant mothers are recommended to use vaginal creams and suppositories in place of medicines like Diflucan. It should be treated through as it can pass on to a baby during delivery.

Can candida infection prevent pregnancy?
No, candida infections don’t affect the rate of pregnancy but the itchiness and burning in the vagina may prevent partners from having usual sexual intercourse.

Can you get a yeast infection during the period?
Yes, yeast infection can take place during the normal menstrual cycle. It is recommended to change pads often during periods.

Can you get a yeast infection from foods?
People who have a high sugar and alcohol intake are prone towards getting a yeast infection. So, it is safe to say that people should avoid too much sugar and carbohydrates if they have had a yeast infection before. It is also advised to stay away from that kind of foods during yeast infections.

Can you use coconut oil to treat thrush?
Coconut oil is quite beneficial and recent studies also prove that it can be helpful in case of fungal infections. It is advised to apply organic coconut oil in the vaginal area to get relief from the constant itching caused by yeast infections.

Can you get yeast infections from eating too much sugar?
It isn’t likely that you can get a yeast infection by eating too much sugar but it is advisable to avoid the intake of sugar during a yeast infection so that it doesn’t cause much difficulty.

Can you get yeast infections from sex?
Yes, a partner can contract yeast infection from a male or a female partner. It is advisable to avoid any kind of sexual intercourse if someone is suffering from yeast infections. Though it can be passed on it isn’t regarded as a Sexually Transmitted Disease as it is a fungal infection.

Can you get yeast infections from lotion?
Yes, it is quite possible to get a yeast infection in your vagina if you use a lotion in that place. Lotions contain chemicals and alcohol which can disrupt the candida level in one’s vagina and the imbalance may cause yeast infections. But it may also cause allergic reactions which may need emergency treatment.

Can you get yeast infections from birth control pills?
Sometimes birth control pills increase the chance of getting a yeast infection in a woman but they can easily talk to their doctor about the problem and they may help them to change the medication. Newer forms of birth control do not have that many problems with yeast infections.

Is a yeast infection curable?
Yes, they are curable. Doctors often prescribe vaginal creams to heal the area and in a severe case, fluconazole tablets are given to the patient so that they can bring a balance in the candida level in one’s vagina.

How long does it take to cure yeast infections?
If proper medicine and cream are applied a yeast infection will take around 7 days to heal but it may take more time if the person has an intense infection. The person will also need to follow good hygiene and proper diet to help the body recover soon.

Can yeast infections go away on its own?
If a person has a mild yeast infection and they know it is yeast infection, then they may wait for it to go away as it does in most cases. But if symptoms increase and discomfort persists then one should definitely consult a doctor.

Is there a yeast infection test kit?
Some kits are available in the market to test infections but in most cases, the symptoms and a pelvic exam by a doctor will let one know if they have a yeast infection or not. In chronic cases, the doctor may also take a sample of the patient’s vaginal discharge for lab testing.

Do antibiotics work for Candida?
No, as Candida is a fungus certain anti-fungal medicines and cream are given to treat the cause. It is also not recommended to self-medicate in any case of illness

Can you get yeast infection from stress?
If someone has chronic stress then it may cause an imbalance in the immunity system of the body and may lead to a growth of candida or any other fungus.

Can you get a sore from a yeast infection?
Yeast infection is a fungal infection and they do not cause blisters or sore. So, if someone experiences one they should immediately visit a doctor.

Can you get a yeast infection from holding your pee?
No, as the vaginal opening is different from a urinary track in women. If you are holding your urine for long then you are more prone to having a Urinary Tract Infection.

Can you get yeast infections from a dog?
No, you cannot get a vaginal yeast infection from your dog. But it is advisable to keep your dog and yourself clean to avoid other fungal diseases.

Can you get yeast infection from ocean water?
No, you cannot get yeast infection from swimming as vaginal yeast infection is caused by an imbalance of candida in one’s vagina. But it is advisable to stay away from chlorinated water and ocean water which may have chemicals which can disrupt a yeast infected vagina.

Can you get a yeast infection for exercising?
Exercise keeps your body healthy but you have to see to it that you wear clothes that aren’t too tight and also don’t keep the moisture for too long as unclean clothes can often disrupt the healthy balance in one’s vagina.

Can you get a yeast infection from a vibrator?
Yes, you can get one if it contains harmful chemicals that may disrupt the flora of your vagina. You should always get a sex toy that is of good quality and keep it clean after every use.

Can you get yeast infection from waxing?
Only if they use a dirty spatula or wax that contains harmful chemicals. Wax shouldn’t touch the vaginal area as it may cause infection or allergies in that area. Always avail a good saloon where they maintain hygiene and change gloves for individual customers.

Can you get yeast infections from wearing tight clothes?
Yes, they can as tight clothes often cause moisture in the vaginal area and it also decreases the breathability. It is always advisable to wear loose cloths and stay away from skin tight jeans and extra tight leggings. Underwear should always be made of cotton and people should avoid wearing then during the night.

Can lack of sleep cause yeast infections?
No, lack of sleep wouldn’t cause a yeast infection.

Is a yeast infection an allergic reaction?
No, it is a fungal infection caused by the yeast candida that is present in everyone’s vagina. Symptoms are often similar to allergic reactions, so, it is important to visit a genealogist if symptoms persist.

Can you get a yeast infection from drinking alcohol?
Not directly but people who are alcoholic or intake a large amount of alcohol are susceptible to getting yeast infections. So, it is advised to avoid alcohol during a yeast infection.

Can you get a yeast infection from using a lubricator?
Not if it has a Ph level complying with one’s body, people should never use Vaseline or lotion in place of water base lubricants as it may cause allergic reactions and yeast infections.

Can antibiotics cause a yeast infection?
People who often take antibiotics and are dependent on antibiotics are seen to have a higher risk of getting a yeast infection. Doctors often advise against the regular use of antibiotics. Antibiotics often cause a disruption in the healthy bacteria’s and immune system of our body to make it weak and prone to certain diseases.

Can you get yeast infections from bath bombs?
Yes, they can as they contain fragrance and chemicals which cannot be good for your vagina. Doctors often advice women to minimise their bath bomb usage or use bath bombs which are made according to the Ph level of vaginas.

Can you get yeast infections from tampons?
No, as tampons often suck the moisture created by your vagina. But it is advisable to change tampons at regular intervals of 2-4 hours so that it doesn’t cause infections. It is always good to keep the vagina clean. One should always use tampons made from organic cotton and free from any scents.

As we saw vaginal yeast is quite simple to understand by women get irritated because of the discomfort it causes. It often makes you itchy and you may also not want to work that day. It is advised for women to increase the intake of cranberry juice, garlic and yogurt which are all-natural substances which can fight against the imbalance of yeast. Loose clothes will be your best friends in those days and do meditation to calm yourself is always helpful. Reading the list will give you information and you may pass it on to your sisters so that they have a clear idea on yeast infection.