How Does Diabetes Cause Yeast Infections? – Causes and Prevention

Diabetes is a common term used when for a person whose blood sugar is above the normal range. This raising of blood sugar is supposed to be caused either by the pancreas not producing enough insulin or as a result of the cells not reciprocating to the insulin produced by the pancreas which is further termed as insulin resistance. In such cases, exercising is one of the best ways to improve insulin sensitivity and lowers its resistance.

How Does Diabetes Cause Yeast Infections
Diabetes can lead to some serious health issues in the long run. Yeast infection in both males and females has become a serious issue these days. But the question remains how does diabetes can cause yeast infections?  The answer to this question is elaborated below:

To understand the relationship between diabetes and yeast infection, one must know how skin infections

In order to understand the link between the two, it is important to know how the skin infections take place. A huge amount of bacteria is to be found in the gastro-intestinal tract. Often the balance gets disturbed due to varying diet and also an abnormal lifestyle.

How Does This Yeast Infection Occur?

There are two types of bacteria present in our body- “bad bacteria” which plays the role to act against our normal body functions and also its balance, resulting in a number of diseases and illnesses. And the remaining one type is the “good bacteria” which fights against the “bad bacteria,” thereby maintain the body balance so as to keep oneself fit and healthy. The excessive presence of yeast in one’s body is caused when there is a deficiency of “good bacteria” to fight against this harmful yeast, thereby keeping the yeast level down in one’s body.

Chronic infection is one of the major causes of the overgrowth of yeast. This happens because of the presence of much amount of sugar in the blood. Not only this causes diabetes but also is one of the causes of Candida infections. If there are recurring Candida outbreaks, then one must be advised to get the blood’s glucose level checked immediately.

Diabetes is not only the reason for this chronic infection; consuming a high amount of sugar also triggers such a condition. Yeast feeds on this excess amount of sugar present in one’s blood and thus multiplies eventually. This infection is also caused due to the consumption of food rich in carbohydrates and also those yeast type foods.

I Have Diabetes Is This The Reason I Have A Yeast Infection?

Diabetes Causing Yeast Infections in Women

The majority of the women are currently fighting against diabetes as well as yeast infections. One might think how these two conditions are related to each other, but it very likely to happen in the case of a female who is suffering from diabetes, there is a high chance of her attacked by severe yeast infection as well.

As it has been already discussed that diabetes is caused due to the secretion of more sugar in one’s blood, the yeast feed on this excess sugar: gets nourished and therefore multiplies, therefore resulting in yeast infection. Therefore one must keep the sugar level checked as well as prevent the yeast from getting multiplied.

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It is essential to get treatment immediately if one is diabetic. Moreover, if one is attacked both by diabetes as well as a yeast infection, the spreading of infection to other body parts is very likely to happen: thereby resulting in the formation of a weaker immune system which is quite dangerous. The combination of the excess amount of sugar and yeast is the deadliest as it destroys one’s systems’ ability to combat with the fungus and viruses which bring all kinds of infections.

Factors Increasing the Risk of Yeast Infections in Women

Since women are mainly affected with yeast infections being diabetic in nature, there are several factors which determine the increased growth of yeast in their body. They are as follows:

  • Pregnancy
    Women are more prone to Candidiasis when they are pregnant. There is an increase of estrogen and also the production of glycogen during pregnancy. This makes it a favorable condition for the yeast to feed on glycogen (sugar), thereby affecting them with such an infection.
  • Consumption of antibiotics
    Antibiotics are generally prescribed by doctors to destroy bacteria causing infections.  But one hardly knows that the consumption of antibiotics increases the risk of yeast multiplication in women. This happens because antibiotics are capable of not only attacking the bad bacteria but also the good bacteria which fights against the overgrowing yeast. Thus yeast infection is likely to happen with the over consumption of antibiotics.
  • Sexual activities
    Although Candidiasis in women is not a sexually transmitted disease, sexual activity can majorly threaten yeast infection in women.  The vagina is a very sensitive body part which is much susceptible to any kind of serious vaginal infection during sexual activities. Thus it can be counted as one of the cause of yeast infection being indirect in nature.
  • Too much sugar in the diet
    As already discussed, yeast generally feeds on sugar. So, the more one consumes sugar in the diet; the more food is provided to the yeasts to multiply faster in number. Therefore a diet rich in sugar is a feast for the yeasts to thrive.
  • Fragranced women products
    When the normal ph of women’s vagina is misbalanced, yeast infection occurs. Scented hygiene products used by females can actually disturb the normal ph level, thus paving the way to yeast formation. Products like scented toilet paper, sanitary pads, vaginal soaps and sprays can become the food for the yeasts to grow in number.

Diabetic Yeast Infection Home Remedies

yogurt application for yeast infectionThus yeast infection preferably termed as candidiasis in women is a serious issue which needs to be taken care of in proper manner. Victims generally resort to home and natural remedies.

  • The most common way is the application of yogurt directly or injected through a needle less syringe to the infected area. Yogurt is rich in lactobacillus acidophilus which eliminates excess yeast in one’s body.
  • Also keeping the genital area is another natural way to prevent such infection.
  • Yeast infection can also be cured through medication like oral treatment known as Diflucan or a single-dose medication.

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Therefore, one must take diabetes as well as yeast infection seriously and further consult a gynecologist if it gets worse.

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