Understanding Various Yeast Infection Symptoms

Yeast Infection SymptomsYeast infection is a fungal infection. It mainly occurs on the skin. Once you develop a yeast infection, you can find some common Yeast Infection Symptoms. Most common Yeast Infection Symptoms are an itching sensation in the affected area. Also, you can feel soreness in the yeast infected portion of the body. Sometimes you can also feel pain. And one important symptom is the development of white bumps, or the affected area develops a red or pink color.

There are several causes of the yeast infection. The most common problem is the health conditions. That means if you have a lower immune system, then it is possible that you can easily develop a yeast infection in the body. Nowadays medication is also a very familiar problem of the yeast infection.

Yeast infection can take place in many areas of the body.  Some areas are very prone to yeast infection. The most common areas are the mouth, the penile, and the vagina. Even eyes are a very common area which is easily affected by the fungal infection.

Every human being has a normal balanced immune system. And a healthy immune system develops the proper chemical composition in the body. The yeast problem mainly occurs when the body loses its balance, and a situation of imbalance in the chemical composition develops. Also, this imbalance develops some problems in some basic bodily functions. Also, one important fact is, human body survives in a right environment, but when you can’t have that environment and when the acidity level drops, then there is a chance of yeast infection in the body.


There are several areas in the human body where yeast infection can be developed:

Yeast Infection Symptoms in Mouth

This is a typical example of yeast infections in the body. Yeast infection in the mouth is called oral thrush. This infection occurs in your mouth. The Yeast Infection Symptoms in the mouth are mainly seen on the tongue. Candida albicans fungus is responsible for this infection. Now this kind of oral thrush is called oropharyngeal candidiasis.

mouth yeast infectionMost of the times a small portion of the mouth is affected by this yeast infection. And it does no harm. But when the infection spreads rapidly or uncontrollably, then it causes a problem. Infants are the worst victims of this problem. This kind of yeast infection in the mouth can be treated easily. Once you use proper medicine, you can easily eliminate this fungal problem. Oral thrush creates very little complications. As stated, infants are the victims of this problem, because their immune system is weak.

When the yeast infection in the mouth develops uncontrollably, then you can find some symptoms of this problem. The most common Yeast infection symptoms in mouth are white bumps on the tongue and the gums; even you can feel pain in the affected area. Sometimes bleeding can be seen from the white bumps. If the infection affects the tonsils, then it will be difficult for you to swallow food.

Yeast Infection in the Penis

penis yeast infectionCandida balanitis is the name of the Yeast infection of the penis. It is also called balanitis thrush. Once balanitis thrush is developed in your penis, then you can start seeing the Symptoms of yeast infection in penile. The most common Symptoms of yeast infection in penile are itching around the top portion of the penis. Even you can feel a burning sensation in the affected portion of the penis.

If the infection develops rapidly, then you can feel a swelling sensation also. And the affected area develops a red color. Bumps can develop with pus in the area. And the most common problem of this infection is you will feel pain at the time of urination or while having sexual relations.

Vaginal Yeast Infection

Vaginal yeast infectionVaginal yeast infection is a common problem in women. This infection occurs due to the uncontrolled growth of yeast organisms in the small portion of the vagina. There can be several reasons for this problem. Weak immune system is the ultimate cause of this problem. Apart from this excessive consumption of antibiotics, high estrogen level, even women suffering from diabetes can develop a vaginal yeast infection.

The common Vaginal yeast infection symptoms are itching problems in the vagina. Also, the surrounding area develops a red color and irritation can be felt in that affected area. Feeling pain while urinating and is another very common problem.

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Yeast Infection in the Breasts

As already stated human body can develop a yeast infection in several parts of it. Yeast infection in the breast is another common problem in women. Remember, fungi are actually a single cell microbe. It is easily possible that yeast can affect any body cell or tissue. When a skin having fungal or yeast infection touches other skin, then surely the new one develops the same yeast infection.

Once a woman develops a yeast infection in the breast, there must be Yeast infection symptoms in breast. Some most familiar symptoms are feeling a burning sensation in the nipple after the baby feeding. Also, the nipples develop a red color. And feeling pain in the breast is also a very common problem of yeast infection in the breast.

Other Affected Areas

Apart from these fungal problems, you can also find yeast infection in the buttocks and eyes. And once you develop this yeast infection you can also develop a Yeast infection in buttocks symptoms.

Apart from that, you may develop Yeast infection symptoms in eyes which is truly a serious problem because eyes are one of the most essential organs of the body. So when you develop a yeast infection in the eye, it is important that you look for the cure. 

The above discussion reveals some causes and symptoms of fungal infection in the body. The present lifestyle may be the cause of many of these problems in your body, for example, dresses of various materials are a cause of fungal or yeast infection. Even not maintaining a hygienic lifestyle is another cause of this problem. And the infection may develop very easily.

So, it is clear that there may be various reasons of yeast infection, but once you see the Yeast Infection Symptoms, take immediate steps to ensure that the problem is treated at the earliest possible. 

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